The harvest festival is a celebration of food

     The Turkmen land is a prosperous state land. Our ancestors from the Turkmen land, which is considered the birthplace of white wheat, grow a lot of wheat, rice, melons and vegetables. This year, there has been a stable growth in food grains in our country.

     On the great day of our glorious Independence Day, our country's cotton growers are bringing good news. Our brave farmers said that they had not yet finished sowing winter wheat before the holiday and that 1 million 50 thousand tons harvested more cotton than you can, and showed their respect for their contractual obligations, what they did made all our people happy ... Now that the cotton harvest season is in full swing, cotton growers are reaping the benefits of the "white gold" grown until the last harvest, they harvest without hesitation.
















    During the cotton harvest this year, Turkmenistan produced 1 million 50 thousand tons of cotton. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov stressed that the production and processing of cotton is one of the key areas of development of the country's agro-industrial complex. Cotton occupies a worthy place in the export list of Turkmenistan and is the main raw material for the growing national textile industry of our country. In this business, you show great interest in the markets of your country, as well as foreign countries, and produce products that meet international standards. In order to further increase the production of white gold, great attention is paid to the production of high quality seeds.Thanks to the efforts of our hero Arkadag, cotton ginning plants built in the regions have also supplemented these facilities.
















These plants produce seeds that guarantee high germination rates. The use of such seeds eliminates the grueling and laborious work of isolating the cotton. Seeds specially prepared usually help to reduce the cost by almost 4 times. Improving the fertility of our fertile soil, the higher the yield, the higher our productivity Providing quality and affordable food is one of the most important tasks of our time. Our brave ancestors are also enthusiastically participating in the implementation of the responsible tasks set in this regard by our esteemed President. They have great potential to work effectively. In recent years, the areas of green, melons, orchards and vineyards have expanded significantly. Farmers use high quality seeds for sowing, mineral fertilizers and crop processing equipment. It is also known to be an uninterrupted supply. A significant increase in yields also requires the solution of important issues related to their placement and storage for the winter. In the province, refrigerated warehouses were built and commissioned to store a certain portion of products prepared in summer and autumn.